Thursday, 22 March 2012

Gypsy Chinese:My B'Day Dinner

 Hi Guys! Celebrated my birthday at Gypsy Chinese,Shivaji Park on 20th March...It's a place I frequent often cos it has some of my favorite foods.This is run by the Limayes who also run Nebula And Home Chef which are all based in Shivaji Park itself.
We indulged in some spectacular Sweet Corn Crab Soup
The soup was fluffy and silky with BIG chunks of crab
The portions were large so we shared it 3 by 4!!

That's me......

 That's the Korean mom's favorite.She made a meal of the Khimchi and chutneys.Wonder why the Korean Khimchi is in a Chinese restaurant.

 Gypsy has a Seafood Gastronomy festival with Lobster,Pomfret,Crabs,Prawns and Basa.
 The best thing we had was the Fortune Noodles....flat noodles with chicken and wood ear mushrooms....simply divine!

 The Honey Chilli Pork and Hunan Chicken went well with the Mixed Fried Rice.The pork was tender and succulent.The Hunan Chicken was spicy and sweet.

 Gypsy Chinese has a Gypsy Corner which serves authentic Maharashtrian Veg Food.But I have Nachos there with chocolate milkshake :p.Cause I get enough Maharastrian Veg food from my mom !!!! 


  1. lovely post
    welcome to the blogging world

  2. Nice review !
    Gypsy has always been the best place to indulge in Chinese cuisine for almost every Shivaji Park resident. For me, a year is incomplete without a visit there or i make sure I at least order food :)

    As for the Korean Khimchi, its more or less the specialty of Gypsy. Comes complimentary with every meal or order, and arrives before the starters.
    Haven't tried seafood yet, but their Chicken recipes are to die for ! Especially the Chicken Hot Plate.

    Overall a highly recommended restaurant which is easy on the wallet.

  3. happy birthday Rishabh...looks like a swell dinner...chinese is my favourite too

  4. @Kurush-Thank you !!!! :):)

    @RossoCorsa -Yes the Chinese food is very good
    I didnt try the Chicken Hot Plate
    Next tym
    @TheKnife-Thank you !!!!