Saturday, 3 March 2012

Salt Water Cafe

Salt Water Cafe
Hmmm.....Jus another place where u can see actors and actresses walk in and out.For e.g
I stepped into SWC and suddenly Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan look at me twice
I seriously started to think "Why are these 2 celebs looking at me ?? Am I someone famous -NO
Did my photograph come in BT(Bombay Times)-NO"
And then it occurred in my mind "Rishabh!!!! you have come here to eat ..Not to look at celebs"
Ok !!!!
Really sorry for the distraction.Getting back to SWC.As I entered I saw an array of cheeses and cakes to my right hand side.
After staring at the cheeses for about  5-10 Min, we finally got a table.
 As we were really hungry, we just saw some of the menu items and our mouths started watering.
1)This was The Complimentary Bread Sack.We literally hogged on this ...was very tasty

The Complimentary Bread
2) After having the bread, our taste buds tingled for soup 
So we then ordered French Onion Soup with Tenderloin.Was a very good soup.I would personally recommend the readers to try out the soup.
In the middle was a moderate piece of bread which tasted very good with the combination of the Soup.
When the waiter first got this mighty crocker,y we thought that this soup is HUGE,We started thinking who is going to finish it 
When the waiter served us we were a tad disappointed with the portion size.

The French Onion Soup
3) I tried the Fish&Chip Burger which was good 
Demerits Of The Burger:
1.Very Oily 
Merits Of The Burger:
1.The Mustard Sauce and the cabbage was appreciable.It gave a very subtle feeling after gobbling down the Burger 
The Fish&Chips Burger

4)This was the Specialty of the night 
Himalayan Trout was astounding!


5)We then were full with the mains 
so we went on to the desserts page of the menu 
I have a fascination for desserts specially anything chocolate
So I ordered the Chocolate Ganache Torte With Kalhua Cream 

6)The last dessert was Tiramisu with Tiramisu Ice-Cream

Presentation was impressive.

                                    Well,As you can see the Pictures have not come out very clear because these images
                                    have been taken from my BlackBerry 9550

See you soon with tales of my next gastronomic expedition.....


  1. hmm...may be i went on a wrong day then...didn't spot any celebrity and found the service painfully slow. Moreover had ordered a baked vegetable lasagna which was just ok...noting gr8. Was floored by the small breads in the gunny sack though :)

  2. Maybe they were staring cos they recognized your potential as a celeb blogger :)

  3. Nice review Rishabh !
    The down-point about eating burgers at most places other than McDonald's, KFC or some good cafes and restaurants like Candies etc (AFA Mumbai is concerned) is that they're too oily. Most of them fry the patty instead of grilling it, resulting in unwanted greasiness.

    1. yaa !
      because all these are fast food places !
      so to cope up with the customer demands,they hav to do it more quickly !

      thats y too much oil is put in
      which as u said results in unwanted greasiness

  4. Dear Mili,
    Thanks for your interest in my blog.They make everything from scratch so things might take time.I don't eat much veg :D

  5. Awesome Review Mr Rishabh....Will definitely go to SWC....Way to go bro..proud of you :) Rishika