Sunday, 8 April 2012


We had been to Arsalan to celebrate my birthday.SassyFork had been praising this restaurant and wanting to take me there for the longest time.
I had been intrigued what the name(Arsalan)actually means,we asked the waiter what it meant.He replied,"sher ka panja".Which means 'the tigers paw'*Interesting*
Probably a connection to the bengal tiger as the cuisine of this restaurant is Bengali Mughlai 

We started off with The Arsalan Special Kabab.Which was chicken kabab enrobed in cheese.This was delicately spiced with a hint of saffron in the cheese (weight watchers.....keep away)

 This was the mutton egg roll.A laccha paratha coated with egg stuffed with big chunks of succulent mutton in a tasty and spicy masala.
This was the highlight of the meal.I highly recommend it.

We ordered for the main course.This was Mutton Rezala which was meat in thin yogurt and cardomom gravy which was flavorsome and had minimal chillies.I found this very bland and a tad bit oily.
 Chicken chap masala,once again super oily.
 Flaky laccha paratha and the chicken chap masala.

 Next came the mutton  biryani which was cooked well,once again moderately spiced.The rice grains were cooked to perfection and the mutton was very nice and tender

 A quick history review can be found on the table mats.
 Time for desserts
Caramel Custard
The dessert that I ordered,chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream.yummy !!!!!

 The interiors of the Arsalan,done up in soft shades of white,cream and brown.

The meal at Arsalan was very filling and high on calories.
A tiger sleeps after a heavy meal.......and thats exactly what i did...:)


  1. lovely post .... and a superb pic of the vanilla ic with choc sauce ... !

    1. Thank You !
      Yes the vanilla ice-crm with chocolate sauce.I had put in Macro mode with ISO(I dont quite remember the ISO number)
      Anyways Thank You ! :)