Thursday, 1 August 2013

Fort Walk With Kalyan Karmakar

When I first enrolled for the  Fort Walk, little did I know that we were going to appear on TV. NDTV's Foodie's Kunal Vijaykar was going to take us through this walk with cameras all around us, at first that thought made me aghast. I was having second thoughts to skip the walk. But then I realized that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and that these opportunities are very rare. So with a little valor I stepped up and confirmed with Kalyan, saying that I was coming.

Our meeting point was The Bombay Store located in Fort, to my surprise this store is much bigger then i thought, crockery, T-shirts, artifacts were all in the store. You name it and it was there. The newest addition to the store were photographs of Old Bombay

 Our shooting started at The Bombay Store, where we all introduced ourselves and Kunal Vijaykar did his famous entry. To be honest i started sweating when the crew said ' okay rolling', I felt even more scared cause I was standing next to Kunal.

 Our first stop was Yazdani Bakery, an Iranian or Persian style bakery in Mumbai. Their specialty is there Chai, Brun Maska and  bread. When we stepped in we saw a display of mawa cakes.
 Their bread was super delicious. Fresh and soft

 Their Twist Khari was flaky and delicious.
Brun Maska. Full of butter. Awesome.
  We got a sneak peek into their bakery, due to battery problems I could not take photos inside. Sorry for that.
 Their freshly prepared rolls all ready packed for sale.

 Inside the Yazdani Bakery, where one and all enjoyed the chai and the khari

Soulful Lassi 
 I personally did not dare to even sip this lassi, all the foodies were logged on to this lassi, I was just watching in shock as Kalyan and the others gulped the lassi, malai and all.

We next entered the " Khau Galli " (Food Street). This street had everything we ever wanted
from Pav Bhaji to Bhajjiyas, EVERYTHING.
Dunked in butter, masala pav

Crisp and delicious Bhajjiyas made my mouth water.

We next headed to a Mahsrashtrian cuisine, we went to this place called Pradeep Gomantak. An outstanding Maharashtrain cuisine, for an affordable  price. The owner of the place served us her specialty dishes. Unfortunately due to Battery problems I could not capture pics of the food. The owner ' Manisha ' did not charge us for the food as she had seen Kunal Vijaykar on TV. That was extremely kind of her.

After all this food, Kunal took us to this parsi place called Ideal Corner. An Amazing place for parsi food.
I could only capture the drink as my camera battery was  dead so it didn't allow me to capture food pics. Again I'm sorry.

After parsi food, we arrived at our final stop, JALEBIS, Hot and sugary jalebis fresh from the cauldron. They were rich and extremely soft, almost like the melt in the mouth ones. I really wish I had brought home a plate or two. 
This was where our journey ended, the crew were packing up their bags and heading back to The Bombay Store where their kits were. An awesome experience all thanks to Kalyan Karmakar (The Knife) 

The Two Maestros Of The Journey who orchestrated our walk with finesse. 
Me and Kunal Vijaykar 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ling's Pavilion

Chinese.When i tell people that, "Hey, lets eat chinese" they just frown and say ' ohh man !! not indo-chinese again, not 5spice, lucky dragon and china spice".This time it was different. This time it was a revolutionary change from the 'indo-chinese' 
We went to this exquisite place called Ling's Pavilion. Located on Mahahkavi Bhushan road.This place was extraordinary.When people ask me that describe this place in one word, i am rendered speechless.
Okay, enough spoken, lets get down to eating. (pun intended)

When we entered the restaurant on the table were kept 3 sauce pots

 We then ordered Bacon Wrapped Prawns. Prawns were small in size but very tasty. Would recommend to any person visiting Lings

 Next on our Hit List was Grilled Pork Wontons. This dishes flavor was amazing. Burnt garlic enhanced the flavor alot. No demerits for this dish.

Heading for the main course
This was Beef Chilly. This dish can also be ordered as a starter. It tastes better as a starter. Spices just float in your mouth. The beef literally melts in your mouth.Simply Amazing

 This was Roast Pork, again a cluster of flavors. Rich, Juicy pork floating in your mouth.Soft and very tender
The flavors were very exciting. A specialty

 Sweet And Sour Prawns. Did not like it as much as the other dishes. This dish had many vegetables and 3-4 prawns 
Did not please me :(

 An amalgamation of the main courses:
Pork, Beef Chilly, Sweet And Sour Prawns and Egg Fried Rice 
A delightful meal :)

 Another main course: Pan Fried Noodles 
Crispy noodles just made my day. The Shitake mushrooms were to die for.

My choice was The Chocolate Mud Cake. An amazing selection of desert. The texture and the softness of the cake was just immaculate. The vanilla ice cream served as a great partner.

 On your left you will observe something i'm not fond of : Fruits, but i do like ice cream:)
 On your right : Honey Noodles With Coffee Ice Cream. I did not taste this but it did look delicious. 

 An exclusive place for bloggers and food lovers 
Without fail, I try to go there atleast 4-5 times a year, cause 

                                                                    I LOVE CHINESE