Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ling's Pavilion

Chinese.When i tell people that, "Hey, lets eat chinese" they just frown and say ' ohh man !! not indo-chinese again, not 5spice, lucky dragon and china spice".This time it was different. This time it was a revolutionary change from the 'indo-chinese' 
We went to this exquisite place called Ling's Pavilion. Located on Mahahkavi Bhushan road.This place was extraordinary.When people ask me that describe this place in one word, i am rendered speechless.
Okay, enough spoken, lets get down to eating. (pun intended)

When we entered the restaurant on the table were kept 3 sauce pots

 We then ordered Bacon Wrapped Prawns. Prawns were small in size but very tasty. Would recommend to any person visiting Lings

 Next on our Hit List was Grilled Pork Wontons. This dishes flavor was amazing. Burnt garlic enhanced the flavor alot. No demerits for this dish.

Heading for the main course
This was Beef Chilly. This dish can also be ordered as a starter. It tastes better as a starter. Spices just float in your mouth. The beef literally melts in your mouth.Simply Amazing

 This was Roast Pork, again a cluster of flavors. Rich, Juicy pork floating in your mouth.Soft and very tender
The flavors were very exciting. A specialty

 Sweet And Sour Prawns. Did not like it as much as the other dishes. This dish had many vegetables and 3-4 prawns 
Did not please me :(

 An amalgamation of the main courses:
Pork, Beef Chilly, Sweet And Sour Prawns and Egg Fried Rice 
A delightful meal :)

 Another main course: Pan Fried Noodles 
Crispy noodles just made my day. The Shitake mushrooms were to die for.

My choice was The Chocolate Mud Cake. An amazing selection of desert. The texture and the softness of the cake was just immaculate. The vanilla ice cream served as a great partner.

 On your left you will observe something i'm not fond of : Fruits, but i do like ice cream:)
 On your right : Honey Noodles With Coffee Ice Cream. I did not taste this but it did look delicious. 

 An exclusive place for bloggers and food lovers 
Without fail, I try to go there atleast 4-5 times a year, cause 

                                                                    I LOVE CHINESE

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  1. it;s my favourite place too and congrats on the new camera. Hope you manage 4-5 trips at least :)